Reclassification of Swiss Arms and CZ 858 Rifles Update

At the regular monthly meeting of the SFFGC Board of Directors on March 19, 2014 the Board unanimously passed a motion to support the class action lawsuit launched by Ed Burlew against the RCMP’s arbitrary reclassification of rifles that have legally been imported into Canada for the past dozen years. Our club will be donating $500 towards this cause. 

At the same time members are encouraged to sign the petition started by Rob Anders, MP forCalgary – Signal Hill calling on the government to rescind or modify elements of the Criminal Code and Firearms Act that allow the RCMP to make instant criminals of law-abiding citizens. A link to that petition follows below. Additionally, members are also encouraged to write the Prime Minister, Minister of Public Safety and their Member of Parliament giving their views on the reclassification. Sample letters are easily found on the CanadianGunNutz website. 

If this action by the RCMP is allowed to stand it is not too great a leap to imagine the ARs and SKSs are far behind. 

Please let you views be known to your elected representatives.


Here's the full petition: 

Firearms Petition

To the House of Commons, in Parliament assembled: we ask that the following actions be taken:

  1. Rescind the decision to reclassify the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine from non-restricted to prohibited status
  2. Decriminalize firearms possession by eliminating S. 91, and 92 of the Criminal Code.
  3. Extensively modify and eliminate prohibited and restricted classes, including rescinding of arbitrary clauses on barrel length and caliber that classify firearms, and regulations affecting magazines.
  4. Eliminate punitive safe storage and transport requirements.
  5. Eliminate Chief Firearms Officers and rescind F.A. Section 58.1

---------- End Petition ----------

* Rob understands the situation with the unjustifiable reclassification of the CZ-858 rifle. However, when this petition was created this was not included because it was not yet announced. This petition covers reforming the entire system and Rob is also advocating to reverse the decision to reclassify the CZ-858.


Sign here:

Rob Anders - Calgary Signal Hill

Swiss Arms Confiscated

Effective 10:00 pm eastern tonight (February 26, 2014) the RCMP has reclassified the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine from non-restricted (and restricted) to prohibited status. There are approximately 1,000 -1,800 of these firearms in the public. The government will not be offering compensation and will be demanding that the firearms, which cost between $3,000 - $4,000 be surrendered. The government is suggesting that all affected firearms owners contact the distributers from which the firearms were purchased for reimbursement. 

The NFA encourages all affected owners to contact their federal Member of Parliament.  This is part of an ongoing agenda of the RCMP to progressively prohibit firearms in Canada. 

Under Bill C-68, the firearms classification system was supposed to be updated regularly to prohibit firearms being introduced into the market, as well as those already in Canada. 

The Government of Canada was supposed to assist in this with periodic new legislation and Order in Council (OIC). 

The RCMP have  been doing this unilaterally since 2006.  Access to information records show that RCMP have an aggressive firearms reclassification agenda, and that prohibitions will not stop with the Swiss Arms Series Rifles. These rifles were approved for import by the RCMP have been sold in Canada for over a decade. Owners once held registrations for them under the now defunct long gun registry. There has never been a crime or incident of violence committed with one of these rifles. NFA condemns this RCMP assault on the rights and private property of law abiding Canadians. The RCMP has shown contempt for the rights of Canadians by their actions, and we expect the Government of Canada to take steps and introduce measures to reign in the RCMP and end the assault against the rights, property and freedoms of Canadians.

For more information contact:

Blair Hagen, Executive VP Communications,

Sheldon Clare, President,

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