Membership Application / Renewal Form (PDF)

SFFGC Volunteer Hours Tracking Sheet (PDF)

Please note we try to keep renewal forms and Tracking Sheets in the club house and in the sign in shed for those that can not download forms.  Members are required to turn in tracking sheet with membership renewal to avoid additional levy.

Obligations of Membership 

The following letter, that will be sent to all members upon renewal of their membership after January 1, 2014 explains the requirement and the process for fulfilling the annual obligation of a minimum of four hours of labour in support of the club.

The Board of Directors has tried to make fulfilling the obligation as easy and painless as possible and while it will take all of 2014 to ramp up it should make the ongoing process easy to understand and administer.

If there is anything about the obligation and/or the process that you do not understand please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Board of Directors.

Dear Member:  

In 2013 the Board of Directors of the Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club approved a requirement for all members of the club to perform a minimum four hours of labour annually as a condition of membership. This obligation will, we trust improve the club’s facilities for all members.

The obligation will come into force on January 1, 2014 and as your membership comes up for renewal during 2014 you will be sent a Volunteers Hours Tracking Sheet along with your new membership card. During the course of the year you are asked to log the time you spend helping out at the club and submit the tracking sheet with your renewal application the following year.Members not completing the obligation will be assessed the levy indicated below or not have their membership renewed. Members who renew for two years are expected to perform a minimum eight hours of labour between renewal periods. Members who are not able or who do not wish to contribute their labour may indicate that on the renewal form and include the appropriate levy along with their renewal fee. The approved levies are:

Adult or Family Membership - $75

Senior Membership (over 65) - Exempt

Life Membership - Exempt

The completion of the obligation will be self-policing. When you do some work to benefit the club, log it on the tracking sheet along with the amount of time spent at the task. There is no requirement to have the work approved by anyone. We assume our members are honest and honourable.

Yours truly,

Board of Directors

SFFGC Membership Freeze as of May, 2017

The membership cap has been approved to 400 by the Board of Directors.

The Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club will not accept any new applications for membership in the club until further notice. This does not affect the previous waiting list. We will be hosting a new waiting list in the near future. Please check the website for updates.

Children currently in the Family Class wishing to move to Adult membership will be exempted from the freeze.

The freeze does not apply to membership renewals except for those who fail to renew their membership by the end of the month following the month that their membership expires. Please make a note of the date your membership expires (it’s on your membership card). We do not wish to refuse to renew any current members.

Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 18:00 PM

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