For Sale

For Sale

Powder For Sale: Feb 18 2015

PowderIMR 3031  $25.00/LB

         -Norma 200 $20.00/LB Uses 22 hornet,222,223,30-30,308,303.45-70   Data on line

Ron Pritchard  613-267-7647

For Sale:

  1. Rifle – ROSSI, PUMA model 92, lever action, .44 Magnum, 24-inch barrel. ALL IN STAINLESS STEEL , will also cycle and fire .44 Special. Includes 422 rounds of .44 Magnum.  
  2. Rifle – Romanian Army training rifle, .22 cal bolt action, scope, four 5-round mags, stock dented and scratched, minor metal scratches, rifling and action are excellent. A tack driver at 50 & 100 yards. Includes 2682 rounds of .22LR and 21 rounds of .22Short.  
  3. Shotgun – COOEY Model 84 single shot break-open action. 16 guage. Full choke. Bore is good and action locks tight. Includes 73 cartridges.  
  4. Shotgun – JANSSEN SONS & CO. side by side double donkey ear, 16 guage. LAMINATED STEEL/DAMASCUS STEEL barrels!!! Bore is pitted, stock dinged and scratched, metal scratched. A great “wall hanger” or may have some antique value.  
  5. Revolver – PIETTA, 1851 Colt Navy black powder, .44 cal. Purchased in Yuma Arizona in 2002. Includes loading block, two spare cylinders, extra set of nipples, nipple wrench, CSA holster and belt buckle, lead shot, wads, 800 caps, two brass cappers, pyrodex pellets & cutting jig and black powder cleaning products.  
  6. Revolver – SAUER & SOHN (German made), sold by Hawes firearms of Van Nuys , CA . WESTERN MARSHALL single action, chrome moly steel, all milled parts, hand honed. One of the strongest single action handguns made. .44 Magnum – will safely fire. S44 Special, .44 Colt, and .44 Russian. Mid 1960s manufacture. Purchased in Quartzsite Arizone in 2005. Includes US Civil War holster, 30 rounds of .44 Russian, 50 rounds of .44 Special and 30 rounds of .44 Colt.  
  7. LEE reloading press. New.  
  8. Replica 45-110 “Quigley Down Under” cartridge engraved with Tom Sellick's signature.  
  9. AMMO – S&W .32 cal (.32 short) quantity 90.  
  10. BLUE BOOK of Gun Values, 34 edition, 2013 (2408 pages).  
  11. Jane's GUNS, Recognition Guide, Pistols/Rifles/Machine Guns.  
  12. Modern Reloading, 2 nd edition by Richard Lee (720 pages).  
  13. Shooter's Bible – 1979/1980/1981.  
  14. Gun Digest – 1981 & 1983  
  15. Book – GUNS  
  16. HODGON's Annual Manual Reloading – 2002.
  17. Pamphlet – British Enfield Rifles
  18. American Rifleman video collection, qty 10, each approx 45 min long:
    • Guns of Valor
    • Famous Small Arms
    • Ten Guns That Changed The World
    • The Early Guns
    • Guns of Colt
    • Guns of Remington
    • Sharpshooters and Long Range Weapons
    • The Rifle
    • Police Guns
    • Bullets and Ammo
  19. “The Cowboy Chronicle” The Monthly Journal of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Editions from October 2006 to present.  
  20. Magazine “Guns of the Old West” editions from Summer 2002 to present.  
  21. SWORD – CSA Cavalry.  
  22. Gun Case – will hold two long guns.  
  23. Range Box – 3 in 1 cart on wheels. Includes cleaning kit, targets, bore light, bore snakes for .22 and .44/.45 cal, two pair of new safety glasses and two pair of ear defenders – one of which is electronic.  
  24. SHARPSHOOTER all steel .22 caliber spinning target system.

Call George @ 613-928-3391

For Sale

 P9x21 (9mm) with a three port compositor and practically new as it has only fired about 600 rounds with long slide, custom grips, titanium firing pin ,trigger, hammer with double safety locks left and right with scope top of the line and plenty of bullets and brass. Loading equipment for Super 38 and for my P 9x21 is all Dillon, including a brass drum cleaner, plus brass seperater and a chronogragh for measuring bullet speed and with Dillon scales for accurate measures . With purchase includes, a safari holster and belt with extra magazines plus extras. It comes with a gun briefcase with lock . For the right price, all package included can be perfect for one wanting to become a black badge member. 

Mike Devereaux  (613-278-0008) Price to be discuss with serious individuals only.  

For Sale

2 Browning Mentalist, 1 Right Hand and 1 Left Hand both with original case

Both Excellent in Condition

Asking $950.00 each

1 Webley Scott Mark IV 22 caliber target revolver with holster asking $450.00

1 Unique Kriegs Model Auto Pistol 7.65 mm W II German Army Officers Model with orginal holster, spare mag in very good condition asking $250.00 (Must have Prohibited Class Pal)

1 US Army 30 carbine mfg 8/43 fair condition asking $100.00

Call Bill Stilwell 613-272-3314


Savage – 22 S – L – LR Mod 30

H & R Plainsman Mod 865 – 22 S – L - LR

Wynchester Mod 67 22 S – L - LR FAB Stock

Ranger Mod 34 22 S – L – LR Peep Sight

Mossberg Mod K 22 LR Only 2 mags 5 - 10

Franchi 12 Gauge 2 ¾ SA 2 barrels full choke improved cylinders

Remington 12 Gauge 2 ¾ SA

CIL 12 Gauge Single Shot

Cooey 12 Gauge Single Shot

Boito 410 3” Back Packer


Browning Nomad 22 SA

Drulov Model 70 22 Single Shot Target

Winchester model MP 9mm


For Sale : Lyman .223 Reloading Dies, 2 die set.  Includes three spare decapping pins.  Used, good condition. - $30.
Two Pachmayr 20 ga. snap caps (blue plastic body).  Lightly used.  - $3.
Galco Avenger Belt Holster, right handed, Tan, leather.  Model AV212 (D109WC) - $75.  This is a very nice holster and is in as new condition.  I only holstered a couple of times and realized it was longer than what I needed (it accomodates a 5" P13-45 but I bought a 4 1/4" P13-45).  Fits belts up to 1 3/4" and has a tensioning screw.  According to the packaging, it should also accomodate Kimber 1911, S&W 1911SC or Springield 1911 (I haven't personally tried these).
Follow the link for details and photo:
Scope rings, 25 mm, unknown brand, very good condition.  They aren't high rise and would sit low to the receiver.  I think they fit both picatiny and weaver rails, but best to try first. $10


For Sale: Smith and Wesson Model 59 exe condition

2 S&W clips


(12-6) required

Greg 613 293 3412,   res 825 6082


1. Remington 12 gauge 2 3/4 semi-auto - good condition

2. 12 gauge single shot - good condition

3. Zoli Muzzle Loader - 58 caliber

4. Drulov Mod. 70 - 22 LR. Single shot

5. Browning Nomad - 22.SA. - 2 mags

6. 17 foot fiberglass canoe (Muskoka) used twice - in new condition. All of the above are in good to excellent condition

Call Graham McInnis at 613-283-0865

For Sale-
American Rifleman Magazines
86 in total 1947-Current
Lot price $86.00
Signals $1.50 each

For List Contact Lloyd Scott at 613-268-2509

For Sale- 

Sony Cineza VPL-HS20 Video projector. N.I.B. HDMI/DVI/RGB and S-Video inputs memory stick slot. The value is $5,000. I won it at a auction, but I already have a Home Theatre Projecter, asking $600.00 or best offer. Contact info: Charles at 613-724-8459. Email:

For Sale-

1)Savage 22-250 Heavy Barrel, Accu Trigger. Mint Condition.

2) Savage Lever Action 99C Series "A" . 308 Winchester with detachable box magazine.

Contact Gord at 613-492-4924 or

For Sale-

I have 850 unfired rounds of .44 Special that I no longer need (I sold my Anaconda).

Rounds are loaded with 6.0 grains of Winchester AutoComp and a 230 grain Berry copper-plated hollowpoint bullet in brand new, unfired Starline brass.

Rounds are being sold for component parts only.

They are being offered for the cost of the brass alone $275.00 or I am open to offer of trades of equivalent value.

Contact Dave Morton at or 613-256-6333

For Sale-

I have a heavy duty sewing machine and have the ability to repair/modify:
Rifle cases, back packs & school bags.  In many cases I can replace broken hardware too.
Tarps, boat covers and sails.
Hockey, ski and snowboard bags and depending on the problem, hockey and football protection equipment.
Pet collars, leashes and harnesses etc.
I have even repaired a horse saddle blanket.
Basically anything that requires a heavy machine with straight stitching. One item I cannot fix is travel luggage.
I also make heavy duty nylon belts.  They can be used as gun belts or just to hold your pants up. 
They are made to measure and will last a lifetime. $20 up to waist 48 and $25 beyond that. 
Workmanship is guaranteed for life, mine anyway.
I can be reached via email or text, see below.

Patrick Malone
Cell: 613 291-0309

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