Changes To Sign In

The membership numbers are ready to be issued.

If you have renewed lately the number is on the back of your new card.

For those that do not have a number you can email.

Important: Include your name as it appears on your membership card.  If you are not using the email address on file, you will need to include your phone number or address that would be on file.

Steve Spencer - Membership Vice - Chair -

Please just write your number on the back of the card with a permanent marker. The next time you renew the number will be on the back of your card.

Once you have your number the new sign procedure is simple, no more extra piece of paper you drop in the box.

You sign in your name and number, plus date range time in and out on Range Log.

For families each parent signs in with name and number, children just use names because they are with their parents.

An example of the new Range Log sheet can seen below.

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