Handgun Chair Steve Nielsen

Mar 17 2015

Well, the weather is finally coming around and we are starting to get excited about the upcoming handgun season! Lots of great matches to be held at the club this year.  The 2015 Handgun Schedule is now available on the website.  Our first event is a club holster course to be held on April 25 an emailing will be sent out shortly detailing the requirements to take part.  This will be followed by a handgun safety course on April 26.  Our first match is an IDPA match on May 2 with the proceeds being donated to the oncology departments of the Smiths Falls and Refrew Hospitals.

Feb 17 2015

SFFGC held a IDPA/Shotgun Match on Sat, Feb 7th. It was a cold day but 12 hardy participants braved the cold and light snow to shoot the match.  It was a fun match with 3 handgun stages and 2 shotgun stage. Thanks to all who came out early to get setup done quickly so we could retire to the clubhouse to stay warm for a bit before shooting.  Also thanks to Dave Morton for SOing the match even though he wasn't shooting.  We are in the process of finalizing our shooting calendar for the summer season!

Feb 1 2015

One Shot Tactical Ontario Provincial IDPA Championship will be hosted by Eagle Lake Gun Club Sundridge Ontario Aug. 15 2015. For More Information Click Here.

Jan 21 2015

CAMPRO Projectile Order Info      Dead Line   Jan 26

Hello fellow shooters,

from now on I will be using mail chimp to keep track of the pre orders.  IF you would like to keep receiving offers please make sure I have your email address in my database.  IF you want to be added to my list please shoot me an email at 


 with your name and email address and you will be added. You do not have to order anything to be in the list, the list is just for you to receive the information.  Please see the link below for pricing. 


Thank you everybody.

Juan Garcia

Shooterdepot.ca (coming soon spring 2015)


Sept 16 2014

For those that reload this letter may be of interest

"I am not sure if you folks do reloads, but We are prepping a bulk order for campro bullets for us (idpa) and I thought of letting you know just in case.

As for delivery, we can arrange something as long it is in the Ottawa region or at your range provided I am headed that way. 

Feel free to pass the information below to your idea shooters:"

Hello IDPA!

We are putting together another pre-order for CAMPRO projectiles.

Prices x 1000 projectiles (and all cost included -tax-shipping etc)

BEST VALUE—> 9mm 124gr RN --$96 

9mm 147gr RNFP-- $107

.40   180gr RN --$126

.45 230gr RN --$141

Other bullet weights and calibers available upon request. Prices will vary accordingly.

No payment needed for pre-ordering: just let me know the amount, caliber and bullet weight you need at:


If you have any questions contact me to the email address above.

Thank you very much IDPA team!


We need a big pre order to get these prices (above 40k). I will be placing the order only when we reach the 40k mark; at this time payment will be required and the order will be placed. ---No payment required for pre-ordering---

Only payment method accepted will be by EMT.

July 5 2014 3 Gun Match 

On Saturday July 5 SFFGC held our second 3 gun match of the season.  It was another great success with 19 participants.  It was another great course of fire designed by Ian St. Pierre.  A fun and challenging course of fire, all who attended had a great time.  Special thanks to Ian for designing and running the match.  Also thanks to Dave Morton for officiating and Dougald Souter for rolling out and watching over the new electronic scoring system.  This electronic scoring system worked great with no problems and match results were ready instantly once the match was finished and emailed to the participants before most had left the range! Also thanks to all of the other volunteers for helping with setup and scoring on Friday and Saturday.  I am extremely proud of the level of competition and quality of our matches so far this year as well as the help we have gotten from the membership to run them.  We continue to look for new ways to improve such as going to electronic scoring. Next up is an IDPA match to be held on Saturday, July 26.  There is a also a club holster course scheduled for Saturday, August 2.  An email will be sent out by the club listing the requirements to participate.

June 25 2014  Our next match is coming up fast

     It is a 3 gun match scheduled for Saturday, July 5.  This match will be officiated using 3 Gun Nation rules which can be found on the 3GN website.  Setup will take place on Friday, July 4 at 5pm.  Also there is a club holster course scheduled for Saturday, August 2.  An email will be sent out by the club detailing the equipment necessary to take part.  It is an informative and fun course and a great day of shooting.  Wednesday evening IDPA practices continue every Wednesday evening from around 4pm to dusk.  Anyone wishing to participate must have taken the SFFGC club holster course or IPSC black badge course.

June 8 2014 Annual Community Challenge Match 


As most of our members know our annual Community Challenge Match was held on June 7th.  This year was another fantastic success with great weather and an even greater level of competition then ever before.  Every year this match seems to get better and better.  I would like to thank all the volunteers who came together to help make this match happen we couldn't have done it without you.  This kind of effort by the members of our club reminds us all why the club has been so successful and why many more wait on a waiting list to become members.  Thanks again to everyone who help out. May 28 2014

Any handgunners who have time this Sunday morning (June 1st) please come out and help with our range cleanup day, it's a great chance to meet some new people and get those volunteer hours in!  Cleanup starts at 9am.

May 27 2014

Smiths Falls Fish & Game held their first IPSC match of the year on the 24th of May.Despite predictions of rain for  the weekend, we had 32 shooters take a chance and come out shooting!  These shooters were graced with a perfect shooting day and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Dugald Souter for organizing and running the match. Thanks for everyone who came out to help and/or shoot! 

May 24 2014 Wed Nights IDPA is Back

Wednesday nights IDPA practice evenings will begin Wednesday, May 28.  Anyone wishing to participate must have taken the SFFGC club holster course or IPSC Black Badge course.  Shooting usually starts around 4 - 4:30 and ends at dusk or until everyone is finished shooting.

May 19 2014 9:14 PM

A few upcoming events:An IPSC match will be held on Sat May 24.  Also the Community Challenge Match scheduled for Sat June 7 is approaching quickly.  The Community Challenge is the premier event held at our club every year, all proceeds are donated to a fund designed to assist our service men and women in times of need.  It is a great match to volunteer to help out with.

May 13 2014 3 Gun Match

On Saturday, May 10 we held our first match of the summer season, also, our first 3 gun match this year.  We had a full squad of shooter's from our club and various other area clubs.  The course of fire was technical and difficult and a great deal of fun to shoot.  Everyone had a blast and we had positive feedback from everyone.  A special thanks to Ian St. Pierre for designing, running and scoring the match.  Also a special thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help with setup on Friday and scoring, patching and teardown on Saturday.  If this match was any indication of the matches we can expect this season we are in for another great summer of shooting.  On a side note we will be hoping to start our Wednesday evening practices very soon, probably in a couple weeks.


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