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Volunteer Hours

To all members of the SFFGC, Your volunteer hours are recorded and tracked by you on the SFFGC Volunteer Hours tracking sheets which you can download and print from the membership page of our web site. 

Urgent Message to all Members! 

It has come to our attention that: “Tannerite or similar Explosive Targets”  have become available in Canada and in our area!

SFFGC has long had a Policy that only approved targets could be used at the Club! “Tannerite and any other type of Explosive Target” are strictly Forbidden at SFFGC.

The Chief Firearms Office does not approve the use of explosive targets. This also includes tannerite. Click here to the CFOs memorandum.

We will be discussing this subject at the next monthly meeting, but understand clearly that anyone using these types of targets at SFFGC will be summarily dismissed from the club with forfeiture of all dues paid. 

Approved targets at the SFFGC are only “Paper Targets” that do not depict the image of a specific person, “Clays” for shotguns and Club Provided “Steel Gongs, Falling Plates and Steel Poppers”. 

Board of Directors


Club Rules

Members are reminded that our club operates under two specific sets of rules, those imposed by the Chief Firearms Office as a condition of operating shooting ranges and those imposed by the club for the efficient operation and enjoyment of club facilities by all its members. In addition, the hours during which shooting is permitted is a negotiated agreement between the club, the Township of Rideau Lakes and our neighbours.

Violation of the CFO-imposed rules can have very serious consequences for the club in general, e.g., closing one or more of our shooting ranges. Violation of the club rules (which incorporate CFO rules) can have serious consequences for individuals up to and including loss of membership. Violation of the shooting hours can result in those hours being further restricted.

It is important that each and every member play a part in ensuring that the rules governing the use of our shooting ranges be observed by all who use our facilities. This includes such mundane tasks as picking up brass from the range floor, disposing of used targets in the garbage bins, ensuring that the Range In Use signs are in the correct position when entering or leaving the range, ensuring that only current members and their accompanied guests use our facilities, and very importantly, ensuring that the posted shooting hours are not ever violated.

Every member should be in possession of and familiar with the Official Range Rules booklet. If you don’t have a copy you may download it from the website (by clicking here).

It is in everyone’s interest that the rules governing the use of our ranges are adhered to and all members are asked to be vigilant in order to keep our club the safe and enjoyable facility it has been for so long.

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